Stream: Tom Hummer – “Dystopian Blues”

By Jake Jackson


Tom Hummer is the kind of artist that rewards those of us who are always searching for that hidden, undiscovered gem. His music is infectious and original; haunting, yet inspiring. Continue reading


Thoughts of Crossing – “Someday All This Will Be Yours” (DFC Exclusive Stream)

Deep Fried, Certified has been given the great privilege of streaming the new Thoughts of Crossing record, Someday All This Will Be Yours, in advance. Nearly five years in the making, and after numerous delays, the new album from the Iowa rock quartet is ready for release.

Stream the album in its entirety below, via our YouTube page.

Thoughts of Crossing are:

Patrick Hummer – Guitar and Vocals
John Hummer – Guitar
Tom Hummer – Bass
Mike Bal – Drums
Violin by Dan Hummer
All songs written, recorded, and mastered by Thoughts of Crossing
Mixing and production by Thoughts of Crossing and Darren Hushak
Artwork by Mike Bal

Listen: Ratking – “Canal”

The hyped NYC hip-hop group has recently released the first single from their upcoming debut album, So It Goes, “Canal”. The song is very entertaining, with very energetic vocals, filled with personality. Additionally, the instrumental on this track is very hard-hitting and gritty, with quick, clever rhymes and wordplay to match. Listen to the track below. So It Goes comes out on April 8, HXC Recordings, and you can preorder it here.

Download: Sub Luna City – “City Rivims Mk 1”

The man of many names, Archy Marshall aka King Krule, has surprised the internet with this new project. This is the debut mixtape from the newly-formed hip hop quartet consisting of friends and fellow MCs Rago Foot, Jadasea, Black Mack, and Marshall behind the beats. The instrumentals on this record are extremely textured, and the rhymes are very clever and at times, introspective. Stream the tape below, and you can also download the record on Bandcamp for a low price of £3 (about $5.oo).

Stream: Up The Chain – “Seeds and Thorns”

The Philly-based folk rock/jazz band released their sophomore effort last week, entitled Seeds and Thorns. Compared to their stellar debut album, Holy Open Drying Road, this release is more stripped down and acoustic-oriented. Listen to the record below, and watch an acoustic performance of “The Horse’s Course”.