DFC and Friends’ Top Albums of 2016!


As done last year, DFC has gathered a few friends of the blog to share their personal favorite albums of the year. 2016 has been anything but a typical year, with an abundant amount of musician deaths that nobody asked for, as well as some surprise releases, and politically-charged music from all sides of the spectrum. Read below what some had to say about their top picks. Continue reading


Weezer’s “Pinkerton” at 20: Stories of Admiration, Frustration, and Heartbreak

DFC and friends reflect on two decades of Weezer’s polarizing cult classic.


It’s 1994. Weezer are hot off the immense success of their excellent self-titled record, otherwise known as the Blue Album, and have just taken a break from touring around Christmas time. Now that the band has momentarily refrained from an already stressful touring schedule, it gave time for frontman Rivers Cuomo to reflect in his Connecticut hometown, as well as brainstorm for “what’s next?” Cuomo would, over this time period, begin working on a space opera entitled Songs From the Black Hole. Continue reading

EP Review: The Strokes – “Future Present Past”

By Jeremy Nifras

strokes-future-present-pastIt’s been a long three years since The Strokes released their last record, 2013’s Comedown Machine. Unlike many people, I enjoyed the hell out of that album (it topped my 2013 albums list), and was heavily anticipating whatever the band could deliver next. Since the release of Comedown Machine, the group embarked on numerous solo ventures, such as Albert Hammond Jr. and Julian Casablancas’ newest solo efforts, as well as Nick Valensi writing songs for Sia, among others. Continue reading

20 Essential “The X-Files” Episodes

By Jeremy Nifras

This Monday, The X-Files will draw to a close once again. The prolific science fiction show has preached to viewers that “The Truth Is Out There” for over 20 years, across 10 seasons and even two feature films. Over the show’s run, FBI special agents Fox Mulder (played by David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (played by Gillian Anderson) have delivered some of the most spooky and memorable stories in television history, cementing the show’s place among the greatest shows to ever grace the small screen. In commemoration of the 6-part event’s conclusion, let us reflect on some of the show’s best episodes. Continue reading

A Farewell to David Bowie

Unlike many fellow music fans, I haven’t been a Bowie fan for very long. I’ve only decided to really explore his discography early this year, with works such as Hunky Dory, Low and Heroes. Some of these records were obviously challenging, but I later began to see the beauty in the strangeness he was able to create. He truly was in a world of his own. Then, he released the song Blackstar a few months ago, which truly transcended his contemporaries and definitely his more recent output. What we didn’t know, however, was that this song was teasing towards what would be his final record. And fittingly so, the album is extremely dark and filled with grim lyrics on the tracks “Lazarus” and “Girl Loves Me” especially. It’s only fitting for someone as great as Bowie to go out on such a high note and not tell anybody but his close family about it. It’s definitely textbook Bowie — defying expectations, even in his final days. RIP David, the mark you’ve left on the world is too immeasurable to fathom.

A personal reflection on “To Pimp a Butterfly”

by Tom Hummer

Classic albums generally take time to achieve that status. Artists don’t know when they’re making them, and listeners can’t recognize them as such on first listen. After all, future impact can’t be predicted or anticipated, and such acclaim is usually determined by the upcoming generation(s) that it influences, not by today’s fans. It’s an effect that slowly compounds over years and years, and only decades later when a record still feels vital, fresh, and relevant, can you really call it timeless. Hell, I didn’t even like most of my favorite records on first listen. Continue reading