Download: Sub Luna City – “City Rivims Mk 1”

The man of many names, Archy Marshall aka King Krule, has surprised the internet with this new project. This is the debut mixtape from the newly-formed hip hop quartet consisting of friends and fellow MCs Rago Foot, Jadasea, Black Mack, and Marshall behind the beats. The instrumentals on this record are extremely textured, and the rhymes are very clever and at times, introspective. Stream the tape below, and you can also download the record on Bandcamp for a low price of £3 (about $5.oo).


Download: Nine Inch Nails Tour Rehearsals

A member of Nine Inch Nails’ live production team has recorded a collection of 26 tracks that will be heard on the band’s upcoming Tension tour 2013. The setlist includes some tracks off their upcoming album, Hesitation Marks, as well as some old favorites. In some instances, you can hear Trent Reznor chat with the rest of the band during the rehearsals. And best of all, the recording quality is divine.

The setlist is as follows:

Copy of A
Came Back Haunted
March of the Pigs
The Frail
The Wretched
Terrible Lie
Gave Up
I’m Afraid Of Americans
Help Me I am In Hell
Me, I’m Not
Find My Way
What If We Could?
The Way Out Is Through
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like a Hole
The Day The World Went Away

Download the entire recording here, or click the picture above.

Hesitation Marks comes out September 3rd on Columbia Records. Pre-order the new album here.

Stream: Durkin – “Hi Jump/Joy Ride”

durkin double single Stream Durkins Summery New Double Single

The Boston DJ/producer Durkin has just released a double single with two tracks that are made to make you shake your bum. And oh boy, it’s a thrill ride. Stream below, or buy it off Durkin’s Bandcamp (click the picture above). Or you could copy it illegally. Your preference.

Download: Dan Deacon – “Why Am I On This Cloud”

Dan Deacon - "Why Am I On This Cloud?"

Adult Swim has released yet another single in their 2013 Adult Swim Single Series. This time around, they have released a new Dan Deacon track, entitled “Why Am I On This Cloud”. Download by clicking the link below or the picture above.