Concert Review: Cloud Nothings at Irving Plaza, NYC – 10/7/14

Cleveland-based Cloud Nothings originally began in the late 2000s as the solo project of now-frontman and chief lyricist Dylan Baldi. The project initially boasted catchy and melodic indie pop tunes on their first two albums (their self-titled record is highly recommended), before moving on to much darker and heavier material on their next two albums, one of them being their new record Here and Nowhere Else, released earlier this year.

This new record brought intense energy and passion unheard in previous releases, and that was definitely evident in their live show at Irving Plaza on Tuesday. The band opened with the fiery two-punch songs “Now Hear In” and “Stay Useless” that definitely set the tone for the rest of the night. A memorable moment was during the track “Cut You”, when the eager audience yelled the lyrics “Do you want to hurt him/do you want to kill him”.

The trio continued to blaze through fan favorites such as the mosh-ready “Separation” and the hooky “Just See Fear”, but perhaps the highlights were the two longest songs in the band’s repertoire, “Pattern Walks” and “Wasted Days”. The latter was drawn out to an appalling 10 minutes, approximately (too busy moshing to keep track of time). The band closed out the night with “No Future/No Past”, possibly the band’s darkest song to date. Cloud Nothings continue to prove they’re one of the best live bands out there right now, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

In addition, the Detroit-based garage rock act Tyvek opened for the band. They showed to be a great opening act for Cloud Nothings by bringing out solid riffs, energetic drumming and fantastic guitar solos. While it was nowhere near as explosive as Cloud Nothings’ set was, they were still a very enthralling act to have witnessed live.