DFC and Friends’ Top Albums of 2016!


As done last year, DFC has gathered a few friends of the blog to share their personal favorite albums of the year. 2016 has been anything but a typical year, with an abundant amount of musician deaths that nobody asked for, as well as some surprise releases, and politically-charged music from all sides of the spectrum. Read below what some had to say about their top picks. Continue reading


Weezer’s “Pinkerton” at 20: Stories of Admiration, Frustration, and Heartbreak

DFC and friends reflect on two decades of Weezer’s polarizing cult classic.


It’s 1994. Weezer are hot off the immense success of their excellent self-titled record, otherwise known as the Blue Album, and have just taken a break from touring around Christmas time. Now that the band has momentarily refrained from an already stressful touring schedule, it gave time for frontman Rivers Cuomo to reflect in his Connecticut hometown, as well as brainstorm for “what’s next?” Cuomo would, over this time period, begin working on a space opera entitled Songs From the Black Hole. Continue reading