DFC and Friends’ Top Albums of 2015!

Recently, DFC gathered a few friends together to write about their top albums of the year. 2015 has been a fantastic year in music, full of comebacks, surprises and lots of buzz. Read what some friends of the blog had to say about their top picks. Continue reading


Discussion: Music in the Digital Age

A frequent topic brought up in music discussion has been how the ushering in of new and modern technologies have affected the way we interact with and purchase music, as well as its importance on the development of music itself. Jeremy from DFC, along with four other friends of the blog, Adam Nicholls of Shock! Radio, Ryan Dye, Tom Hummer of Velocities in Music, and James Laubhan, have gathered to discuss this important issue in music today. What began as a chat about entitlement in younger music listeners quickly developed into a discussion about the digital age of music as a whole. Read the discussion below.

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DFC Discussions: Does album art matter in music?

Local Natives – “Hummingbird” (2013, Frenchkiss)

In this day and age of optical illusions, strange fonts, and even nudity on album covers, there is always a question that comes up: does album art matter? Will it affect your listening experience? Are there any album covers out there that perfectly reflect the music it represents? Deep Fried Certified has gathered four insightful and knowledgeable music fans to discuss this very important topic: Jessie-Jamz from the musical project The Nostalgia Factory, Tom from the music blog Velocities in Music, and fellow friends of the blog James and Bret. Are you up to the challenge to read our entire discussion? If you are, read on. Continue reading