Album Review: Spoon – They Want My Soul

By Jeremy

Alas, it’s time for another Spoon record. This Texas-based rock quartet (now quintet with new member Alex Fischel) has been proving themselves time and time again that they’re an extremely solid pack of songwriters who write really concise, catchy, and groovy indie rock tunes. Although their music wasn’t necessarily groundbreaking, they were able to spawn a few of the most enjoyable and accessible indie records of the 2000s (Girls Can Tell, Kill The Moonlight, etc.). And with their new record, Spoon continues to push forward this fact further into the decade.

The album’s opener “Rent I Pay” is basically the album’s mission statement: a straightforward groove that does not relent, simple yet heady riffs, and a confident vocal delivery. This formula is pretty much continued with the next nine tracks, but done in different and more intelligent ways than the last.

“Rainy Taxi”, another highlight, boasts an undeniable melody and playful tambourines, and “Do You” features a handclap-laden beat perfect for head-bobbing. Furthermore, the track “I Just Don’t Understand” contains some great and skillful piano, as well as a blues-esque groove that goes down soothingly easy.

Perhaps the most impressive track on this record is “Knock Knock Knock”. Jim Eno’s drums strongly resemble that of a swaggerly hip-hop beat, some acoustic guitar adds to the song’s strut-like rhythm, and whistling is added as an extra touch that creates a recipe that is very pleasing to the ears. The track also contains the memorable refrain: “Every day I hear knock, knock, knock; I know that it’s you”. The only major surprise on this record comes with the closing track, “New York Kiss”, which contains some lush, new wave-inspired keyboards.

The rest of the track list sounds like what you’d expect: catchy riffs and vocal melodies, great grooves, and superior vocal performances from Britt Daniel. Sure, it’s formulaic, and it’s definitely predictable at some points, but it’s a record that never disappoints or bores. It gives listeners a straightforward, accessible, engaging and fun indie rock experience: one that keeps on giving.

Rating: 83/100

Certified Track Picks: “Rent I Pay”, “Rainy Taxi”, “Knock Knock Knock”, “I Just Don’t Understand”, “New York Kiss”

Buy the album directly from the band here.



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