Introducing our newest writer, Jessie-Jamz.

For all the time DFC has been online and active, only one person (Jeremy) has been posting and updating material. Today, however, a friend of the blog, Jessie-Jamz, has come on board to contribute to Deep Fried, Certified as a writer. Expect his first post very soon. For now, he has this introductory statement, which you can read below:

Hello readers of DeepFriedCertified, my name is Jessie-Jamz Ozaeta from Montreal, Canada (yes, the frenchy area of the country and home of Arcade Fire). Music has been an immense part of life ever since I was a little fetus in my mom’s belly, hearing and feeling the heavy sounds of Black Sabbath from my dad’s stereo. I am a university student, record collector, and most of all, a music listener. I also go by the moniker The Nostalgia Factory, for those who are cool and listen to various genres stretching from folk, ambient, drone, hip hop, electronic, and all that jazz.

Yes, as much as I enjoy listening and exploring music in all its forms and genres, I do the same when it comes to composing and performing music. I mean, why not? Btw, if you’re into hardcore and metal, you may want to stay tuned for my band Place d’Armes, who’s EP is set to be released sometime this summer!

That’s all for now folks! I’m glad I’ve been taken aboard on this musical blog. If you’d like to see me talk more in-depth about music and vinyl, you can visit my YouTube channel here.

See you on the blogosphere,


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