Album Review: Jackson Scott – “Melbourne”

Melbourne is the debut album by the psychedelic, lo-fi musician Jackson Scott. The sounds on this record are very dense and layered, and also very hazy. This album is filled with drone-y, psychedelic, and atmospheric production. The melodies are also very dark and apocalyptic, in a way. Aside from those qualities, a few songs on here can be very memorable, even catchy at some points. I can give credit to Jackson for creating very likeable psych-pop songs.  Tracks like “That Awful Sound” and “Any Way” are fun and exciting tunes.

There are also a large share of experimental, textured instrumentals on here. Tracks such as the opener “Only Eternal” or “Wish Upon” are short transition pieces that bridge the previous track to the next. Also, a few songs on here are pretty stripped down, with only vocals and guitars. A pure example is the track “Tomorrow”, with a pretty good melody to it as well.

However, some tracks on this record can feel a bit unfinished. Tracks sometimes meander without having a true “ending”, or can be somewhat disappointing structurally. Not taking anything away from Jackson’s skills as a musician, but a few tracks feel a bit underwhelming.

All in all, Melbourne is an enjoyable listen for sure, although I can’t help but feel that a few things on this album could have been executed a lot better. Despite my gripes, I did enjoy this album. If you’re into trippy, psychedelic soundscape-esque sounds, Melbourne should be added to your queue.



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